Thiruvaiyaru Sri Aiyarappar Thiruther Vellottam

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In Thiruvaiyaru, Every year Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival is celebrated in a grand manner. This Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival comprises of 13 days. From Day 1 to Day 13, Aiyarappar along with Aramvalartha Nayagi goes around the Four Temple Streets of Thiruvaiyaru to bless the devotees in different vahanas everyday. As one of the key event of the function we have the car function which is conducted on 9th day of the festival. On this day Aiyarappar goes around the 4 streets in the car.

As the old car is damaged, using Devasthanam Trust fund and Devotees’ donation, a new car is well built at the cost of Rs. 50 Lakhs with 18 feet height and 12.9 feet width which is exactly similar to the old car.

The new car is ready now to roll for the next chithirai festival. So the New car is allowed for a test run which is known as Vellottam. Test run is conducted on July 7th between 9.00 am to 10.30am. Lots of devotees participated in this function to pull the new car.


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