Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival 2015 (Day 12) Video

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Thiruvaiyaru Sri Aiyarappar Temple’s Chithirai Festival, Day 12 which is known as “Sapthasthanam” Video.

In Thiruvaiyaru, Every year Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival is celebrated in a grand manner.

On Day 12 of Chithirai Festival, Lord Aiyarappar will take the newly wed couple (Nandikeswarar & Swayambikai Devi) to seven Shiva temples around Thiruvaiyaru. These seven temples are known as Sapthasthanams. This group of temples is very close to each other and can be covered in one session. In the tamil month of Chittirai, the Deity (Utsavar) of Thiruvaiyaru is carried on a glass palanquin to all these temples. This is a very important festival in these temples around Thiruvaiyaru.

These seven temples to be visited in order as follows:
1. Thiruvaiyaru
2. Thirupazhanam
3. Thiruchotruthurai
4. Thiruvedhikudi
5. Thirukkandiyur
6. Thirupoonthuruthi
7. Thiruneithanam

Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival comprises of 13 days. From Day 1 to Day 13, Aiyarappar along with Aramvalartha Nayagi goes around the Four Temple Streets of Thiruvaiyaru to bless the devotees in different vahanas everyday.

Events Details of Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival 2014:
23.04.2015 – Day 1 (Dwajarohanam)
24.04.2015 – Day 2 (Adhisesha Vahanam)
25.04.2015 – Day 3 (Boodha Vahanam)
26.04.2015 – Day 4 (Kailasavahanam, Kamadhenu Vahanam)
27.04.2015 – Day 5 (Thannaithaan Poojithal)
28.04.2015 – Day 6 (Yaanai Vahanam, Anna Vahanam)
29.04.2015 – Day 7 (Koratham Veedhiyula)
30.04.2015 – Day 8 (Kuthirai Vahanam)
01.05.2015 – Day 9 (Thiruther)
02.05.2015 – Day 10 (Dwajavarohanam)
03.05.2015 – Day 11 (Kuthirai Vahanam)
04.05.2015 – Day 12 (Sapthasthanam)
05.05.2015 – Day 13 (Bommai Poo poduthal)

An Edited Video of Thiruvaiyaru Sapthasthanam Chithirai Festival is presented here…


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