Thirumazhapadi Nandi Kalyanam 2015 Gallery

Vaithyanathaswamy temple at Thirumazhapadi is associated with the Panchanatheeswara temple at Thiruvaiyaru, which is on the other side of the river and situated at a distance of about 15 km from Thirumazhapadi. In the Tamil month of Panguni on the Punarvasu star day, Nandi Kalyanam is celebrated. Lord Nandikeswara, the bridegroom from Thiruvaiyaru marries Goddess Swayambikai Devi of Thirumazhapadi temple. Nandi is dressed in Maratha attire and is brought in a palanquin to Thirumazhapadi, where he is accorded a ceremonial reception by none other than Vaithyanatha Swamy on the banks of the Coleroon. The priests of the temple perform the marriage of the Nandi. The newly wed Celestial couple are taken in a procession through the village. As per the Hindu marriage ritual the couple go around the ceremonial fire seven times. Shiva took the newly wed couple to seven Shiva temples around Thiruvaiyaru. These seven temples are known as Sapthasthanams. This group of temples is very close to each other and can be covered in one session. In the tamil month of Chittirai, the Deity (Utsavar) of Thiruvaiyaru is carried on a palanquin to all these temples. This is a very important festival in these temples around Thiruvaiyaru.
These seven temples to be visited in order as follows:
1. Thiruvaiyaru
2. Thirupazhanam
3. Thiruchotruthurai
4. Thiruvedhikudi
5. Thirukkandiyur
6. Thirupoonthuruthi
7. Thiruneithanam

Some Photos of Nandi Kalyanam are Presented here…



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