Dharmapuram Adheenam reconstruct their School

Dharmapuram School for Aagamapadasala and Devara Padasala Startup and Student Admission Details.

We are happy to wish everyone a happy Tamil New Year.

27th Guru Maha sannidhanam Masilamanidesiga Gnanasambantha Paramachariya Swamigal planning to Start their Reconstruct Padasala which is more comfortable for present circumstances on 27th May 2020. This school was set up in 1942 by 24th Guru Mahasannidhanam Sri Shanmugadesiga Gnanasambantha Paramachariya Swamigal and maintained by 25th and 26th Guru Mahasannidhanangal. All insitution which belongs to Adheenam starting from primary education to college are situated in Dharmapuram, so they will provide Tamil, English, Computer and Saiva sithandha classes along with Vedha Aagama Devara songs. During this Five years of course period, Students will also learn Aalayanithyapooja utsav, Kumbabesigam sandihomam and other Poojas and Homas. For Devara Padasala students, they will teach Panniruthirumuraigal Sithandha Saathirangal and Tamil, English Computer classes.

The facilities arranged for the Students are:
1. Spacious room with high ventilation to stay.
2. Modern bathroom facilities.
3. Energy porridge at 6 AM.
4. Tiffin at 8 AM.
5. Morning Teaching session starts from 9 AM to 12 PM.
6. Lunch at 12:30 PM.
7. Afternoon teaching session starts from 2 PM to 4:30 PM.
8. Snacks or Channa along with Milk or Tea will be provided at 4:30 PM.
9. Play time is scheduled between 5 PM to 6 PM.
10. Worship in temple starts at evening 6:30 PM and Memorization period continues up to 8 PM.
11. Dinner at 8:30 PM.
12. Activities of Students are always Super visioned by Warden.
13. Students must follow 5:30 AM as a wake up time and 9:30 PM is the time to Sleep.
14. Students will get used to do Sathiyavandhanam Nithyanustaanangal for three periods in a day.
15. Oil and Soap nut powder will be provided for Students to take oil bath on Saturdays.
16. Snacks will also be provided on Saturdays.
17. Clothes of students will be washed by us.
18. Sivagama Kalanithi Mayiladudthurai AV. Swaminatha appointed as Prinical of Sivachhariyar Aagamapadasala and Thirumurai Kalanithi Thiruthani Sivathiru Swaminatha Otuvar appointed as Prinical for Devara Padasala.
19. After the successful completion of five years, Students of Aagamapadasala will get a ‘Aagampraveena’ degree and Students of Devara Padasala will get a “Devara Isaimani” degree.
20. In Aagamapadasala, Aadhisaiva Sivachariyakula and in Devara Padasala, Saivakula students will be Admitted.
21. Students are willing to join this course kindly post their Application letter along with Passport size photo, copy of Aadhar card and educational certificates to the below mentioned Address:
Adheena thirumadam,
Mayiladuthurai – 609001

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