Vallam Sri Egowri Amman Temple Theemidhi Festival 2019 – Vazhipadu Special Episode

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Vallam Sri Egowri Amman Temple Theemidhi Festival 2019 Recorded Video – Vazhipaadu Special Episode

This temple is located in 2kms from Vallam on the way to Alakudi. Every month on New Moon day and Full Moon day Special Poojas are conducted for Goodness of all. Every month Aadi month (Tamil Calendar) on last friday here happens a grand festival which have people offer prayers to the lord by walking on the fire, carrying milk for abhishekam and few other offerings. On this day we can see a lot of people gathering here from the nearby villages and towns to witness this festival. This temple in Cholas period and it is also mentioned as the Chola kings will offer prayers to this lord before starting any wars to get succeeded.

History: After having boon to be killed by a woman, Demon Thanjakasuran started torturing the Devas. They reached Lord Shiva to get a relief for this. So Lord Shiva sent Parvathi to destroy the demon. He took different forms to manage getting killed by Parvathi. Finally he took a buffalo form in which he was killed by Parvathi. But Even after destroying the demon the fury of Parvathi did not quench, So the Devas again asked Lord shiva to get them safe from the fury of Parvathi. So Lord Shiva addressed Parvathi as “Hey Gowri” which made her calm and peaceful.

Date: 16.08.2019